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Consultancy Services for Employers and Contractors dealing with Term Contracts

Our consultancy services are designed mainly to help Employers and Contractors dealing with Term Contracts (though our experience spans New Build development also). Dealing with the built environment poses challenges and risks that are inherently complex. Given the mix of asset types and the challenges, professional advice based on broad experience with many clients, up-to-date knowledge and expertise can add very real value. At NSR Management, we can help you to evaluate your current service, choose the right strategy and procurement options suited to your needs and mobilise an effective maintenance regime

Term Contract consultancy includes:

  • Term Contract. Our services span the whole lifecycle and we can offer advice at any stage including:
  • Diagnostic Consultancy: operational and cost analysis
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Technical & Financial Auditing
  • Budget and cash flow analysis and forecasts
  • Procurement options and advice
  • Tender documentation and setting scoring criteria
  • Tender evaluation
  • Tender negotiation and award
  • Contract documentation
  • Contract mobilisation
  • Contract management
  • Partnering advice
  • Partnering Advisor / Facilitator
  • Risk and Value Management
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Cost management and settlement of accounts
  • Lifecycle costing
  • Building Surveys
  • Stock Condition Surveys
  • DDA Surveys and Part M Building Regs advice
  • Benchmarking and Value for Money Assessments
  • Insurance claims
  • Claims Assessment / Negotiation
  • Expert Witness

Over 30 years' experience with Term Contracts and national schedules

  • Whatever your need, we have occupied our market niche for thirty years with the National Schedules and our professional advice is tailored to Term Contracts. Our customers range from NHS Trusts to Local Authorities, Housing organisations to private companies and most national contractors. We can help you decide the best suited way in:
  • Dealing with reactive repairs, inspections and services, cyclical repairs and reinvestment works (up to £500,000 for Buildings and £3,000,000 for highways) and what options are available
  • Determining the pros and cons of single and multiple sourcing – a main contractor and/or work trade splits assessing job costs that may range anywhere from £20 to £150,000 and how to adequately analyse historic spend when specifying new arrangements
  • Adding bespoke schedules items based on the specialist nature of assets or operations and to minimise risk premium.
  • Adequately addressing the needs of and specifying them for end users, leaseholders, agents, government departments, internal governance etc in the requirements
  • Ensuring your procurement is compliant when subject to EU legislation governing public spending.
  • Addressing issues around the stock and stock condition surveys, changes in assets through acquisitions and disposals that may impact the portfolio and budget uncertainty
  • Understanding the pros and cons of the different forms of contract including JCT, NEC3, TPC and the practical
  • Implications for contract administration
  • Evaluating the various pricing and payment mechanisms and the practical and operational impact when ordering and paying for works whilst being able to demonstrate Best Value
  • Our consultants are only too happy to discuss your needs. You can contact us with your initial query and arrange to speak to them directly.

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