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Taking the effort out of estimating & pricing quotations for the built environment

MTC QS is a timesaving online Measured Term Contract Management System which is used for providing estimates, quotations and invoices incorporating the National Schedule of Rates. It is used in the built environment by clients, client’s representatives, contractors sub-contractors and QS’s. It can be used for pricing building works, refurbishments, extensions, renewal works, highways maintenance, reactive maintenance. MTC QS is available with a subscription and choice of National Schedule of Rates, and is adjusted using percentage adjustments.

Fast, Efficient and Accurate estimating and quotations using National Schedule of Rates

MTC QS is a bespoke online estimating, quotation and Ordering system that is used by the Client and Contractor for pricing, building works, extensions, renewal works, highways maintenance, reactive maintenance and refurbishment works. It is used by both the Public and Private sector.

Contract Administrators and Contract Managers managing Term Contracts know of the very real challenge in preventing bureaucratic nightmares and the deluge of paperwork in agreeing estimates, orders, variations and invoices whilst using some form of Schedule of Rates to generate pricing. With the potential for loss in value, they have to ensure that an efficient and accurate record is maintained which can be tracked against the assets and orders raised and be auditable demonstrating best value and the clear basis of payments made.

With the help of industry practitioners who deal with Term Contracts on a daily basis, we have developed MTC QS. This is dedicated online software that will help administer pricing for Measured Term Contracts efficiently handling the low value, high volume job orders that are the norm for these types of contract arrangements. MTC QS facilitates the integration of the Client / Contractor team who can use the online system by subscription and approve job orders through to completion replacing numerous spreadsheets, emails and other forms of document that can be used to track, estimate and price jobs to completion.

MTC QS is available online with the National Schedules data that you would require loaded to run your contract. Anyone of our Schedules for a particular year is available to be loaded i.e.: Building; Mechanical; Electrical; Highways; Housing; Access; Painting and Decorating.

Furthermore, we have designed the software to allow you to import other bespoke schedules and to create your own custom codes and composite items.

MTC QS is an online hosted solution and is available at three levels of subscription service - Gold, Silver and Bronze

It is designed to allow the integration of process with the project team working to deliver the Term Contract that can include the Client or Client Representative; the Contractor and Sub- contractors in creating and agreeing prices against job orders.



The team is integrated with a Client or Client Representative, Contractor and Sub-contractors. The configuration of the system is data flow from Client to Contractor and then data flow from Contractor to Sub-contractor.



In this arrangement, the Client or Client Representative and Contractor are configured for data flow however the Sub-contractors do not form part of the system and are externally managed by the Contractor.



The Bronze standard is designed where only one party needs access to the system to generate orders, estimates, quotes or invoices.

The software has been designed to give the maximum degree of flexibility that is required from Measured Term Contracts. Therefore, the functionality includes allowing the Subscriber to upload custom Schedules and also to create Custom Codes and estimating templates.

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