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Compilers of the National Schedules for term contracts

As the compilers of the National Schedules, we have thirty years of knowledge in their effective use. There probably isn’t a question that has been raised by our Users that we have not come across before. We share our know-how through these highly effective training sessions based on real life scenarios to enable you to get the best results from your Term Contract and avoid any lengthy and unpleasant disputes over payments that can crop up over a period of time.

What are the benefits of undertaking NSR Term Contract Training?

The training day is a pragmatic approach in administering a Term Contract. You can expect to learn:

  • The key features of a Term Contract and the various approaches to pricing and payment
  • How the National Schedules are designed to be used
  • What percentage adjustments are and why they are useful
  • The different types of contract and how these affect the pricing and payment mechanisms
  • Understanding how the National Schedules are compiled
  • How Labour, Plant, Material, waste allowance and Standard Minute Values calculations are made

In managing the Term Contract how to deal with:

  • estimates, orders and variations
  • items not covered by the National Schedules
  • PC sums
  • composite items
  • overtime
  • priority codes
  • dayworks
  • site conditions
  • chargeable and non-chargeable items
  • inflation
  • potential areas of disagreement and effective communication

Who should attend the Term Contact team training?

The sessions are designed for the Term Contract team, the Contractor, Client and/or Client representative who will be have day-to-day responsibility for running the Term Contract. The sessions have been attended by owners of SMEs, Estimators, Quantity Surveyors, Asset Managers, Service Delivery Managers, Contract Administrators, M&E Surveyors; Client Representatives, Works Planners and Administration staff.

Can training be arranged on a one-one-one basis?

Yes, however, our one-on-one sessions tend to be arranged more on a consultancy basis. This typically involves an overview of the National Schedules to cover the training and a more in depth look at any practical issues that may be arising from an actual contract setting.

NRS Training costs

The standard price is £275 per delegate excluding VAT at our training base

The one-on-one consultancy based training is charged at £550 with our Trainer

Consultancy based training can be arranged with the NSR Technical Director at £850.

Group training can be arranged for a minimum of 8 people at £2000 excluding VAT additional attendees to a maximum of 12 people will be charged at £225 per person.

If training expenses apply they will be chargeable as follows:

Mileage: £0.55 per mile

Accommodation: at cost

Meals & Refreshment: at cost

Venue Hire if applicable: at cost

What is the maximum number of attendees you can have?

Whilst we can deliver training to large groups, we recommend that the optimum number of delegates for our training is between 8-12 people.

Can the training be tailored specifically for our needs?

Yes. When we organise the training, we do ask the question whether there are specific areas that the delegates would like to cover that are specific to their contract. Where there is a mixed group of delegates, we have to balance the requirements of the whole group. Where the need is more specific than general, we do tend to recommend that the delegate opt for a consultancy based workshop as this has proven to be of immense benefit to our customers.

"New Online Training Packages"

We are now able to offer online training - our bespoke packages are designed specifically for each schedule will give you the basics you require to use and understand the guidance notes and best practice use of the schedules.
Priced at £75 each plus Vat in our product section.

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